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  • Your houses are made with containers?
    No, at Ecolodge we do not build based on containers. The containers have pre-established dimensions (2.44m wide x 2.6m high) that make the houses with low interior ceilings and narrow rooms. To give comfort to the home and develop spacious interior spaces, at Ecolodge we build our houses with a metal structure in our own measurements, generally 3.2m wide x 3.3m high. This generates greater comfort in our homes.
  • Are your homes ecological?
    The biggest contaminant in traditional construction is the contamination of the groundwater when the mixture of water and cement is drained when producing the mixture. At Ecolodge we use dry construction, therefore our impact on the ecology is minimal.
  • What is the main difference compared to traditional construction?
    In traditional construction, the builder moves to your land to build the house. Various factors affect it, such as climatic problems, distance and difficulty in reaching the land, ease of obtaining qualified labor, collection of materials on site, security, etc. All this has an impact on housing delivery times and construction costs.At Ecolodge we build in our factory in Mendoza under controlled conditions, so we are not affected by the problems mentioned above. We can guarantee the delivery time and the price of your home.
  • What is the useful life of a modular construction?
    It is commonly accepted that a modular construction has a useful life similar to that of a traditional construction, that is, between 80 and 100 years. At Ecolodge we use structural iron whose engineering has been calculated to withstand heavy snow and wind loads, making the houses resistant and durable.
  • Can I move a modular home again?
    You love your house and you got another piece of land. Ecolodge takes care of moving your home to a new lot, so you don't need to invest in a modular home again.
  • What type of thermal insulation do you use?
    At Ecolodge we use self-supporting panels with excellent thermal insulation. The panels are made of 0.5mm thick galvanized steel filled with high-density 40kg/m3 injected polyurethane foam. The injected polyurethane foam is 5 cm thick, thermally equivalent to a 1 m thick cement wall. The exterior finish is micro-ribbed and can be ordered in 7 colors, it can even be oxidized to give the home an elegant finish. Polyurethane is one of the most insulating materials known, used in cold rooms, industries and businesses.
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